The young Virgin of Nazareth has an exceptional place in God’s plan of Salvation. Her unique destiny in human history was foretold from the very beginning of time and her efforts will continue to the very last day.

Mary was associated to Jesus in the prophecies of the Old Testament–when the “completion of time” came–her “yes” as a mother allowed the Incarnation of God in the flesh at Nazareth. Mary accompanied Jesus throughout the first thirty years of the earthly life of the Redeemer. She was present at many of the events when Jesus brought His saving grace to the world. She faithfully supported the Church from the very beginning, just as she does today and will do forever and ever.

“Jesus Christ, is the centre of the universe and of history” (Saint John-Paul II, Redemptor Hominis 1979, §1): the Holy Virgin who gives Jesus to the world is also since the beginning of time in the thought of God.