To contact us you may phone us on Tel: 21313505 (Parroċċa); Tel: 21331183 (Kunvent) or fill in the below form.

    Booking for the sacrament of Baptism

    • You have to come to the office personally.
    • You need a birth certificate issued from the Public Registry.
    • You have to hand in the names of the godparents; if they belong to another parish, you will need to bring a written consent from their Parish Priest to enable them to be godparents.
    • You will have to set up a date with the Parish Priest in order to attend a catechism session on baptism.

    Booking for Weddings

    The following are the times that wedding ceremonies can be held at our Parish Church:

    On weekdays at 7.00 pm
    On Saturdays at 7.30 pm
    On Sundays at Noon

    • When the wedding ceremony is going to be held in another Church outside the Parish, you will need to bring a note from the rector of the Church giving details of the date and place where the ceremony is to be held.
    • Approximately three months before the wedding, a sort of ‘exercise’ has to be carried out. For this purpose an appointment has to be set up with the Parish Priest and both the bride and the groom will be required to hand over their birth certificates, their certificates of their confirmation, the certificates of attendance which is in conjunction with the Cana course.

    Booking for Cana Course

    • Booking can be made at our Parish between the months of October and December.
    • Only the first twenty five couples that book are accepted.
    • It is suggested that this course is done two years prior to the wedding.
    • The course which starts during the month of January has eight sessions.
    • The courses are held at “Centru Sant’ Antnin” start at 7.30 pm.
    • Couples from outside this Parish can also apply.