prayersIn the Morning

Lord, it is a new day. You give this day to me as a gift. Empower me to use this day by giving it away to other people—to those who are struggling with pain, to those who are lonely, to those who think that you have forsaken them. And, Lord, let me be thankful in all that I do this day, because I am marked with your love and forgiveness. Amen.

At Night

As I prepare for bed, let me settle myself in your love. Let me rehearse the blessings you have given me this day. Forgive me, Lord, where I have failed you and others. Refresh me with a restful night so that tomorrow I am ready for the challenges and blessings that you will provide for me. Tonight, Lord, give me an attitude that helps me to say, “I can’t wait to wake up in the morning!” Amen.

At Mealtime

I see before me the food that you are providing me this day. You give me this meal whether I deserve it or not, even whether I need it or not. I accept this food as a gift from you. Fill me up, Lord, with both physical and spiritual food so I may feed others you put around the tables through my life this day. And may there be a goodly share on every table everywhere. Amen.